Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunny Sunday

I was dreaming some crazy shiz last night. I dreamt that Eric was finally home, except he came home with anger issues and was throwing hatchets and hammers at me, only stopping to flex his muscles and say how ripped he was.

I guess I am subconsciously afraid that he is going to come home a male chauvinist. I think the baby shower I went to yesterday where there was two older divorced women who had male chauvinist's for husbands might have scared me a bit, especially since one of the ex-husbands was in the army.

Eric knows better though, that dream just felt too real. Icky.

On another note: I didn’t get to cook yesterday. We went to the farmer’s market but I didn’t find anything on my list. I think we ended up going to late because some of the vendors were already gone. So today I will make my way to a local produce place and see if I can find what I need and get cookin tonight instead. I am excited!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Ugh. I HATE dreams that feel real, especially about my hubby. Hope tonight goes a little better!

  2. I pray Eric doesn't come home like that. Essence of your past-away Uncle Alan. That was a nightmare.