Monday, June 21, 2010

Hi Caffeine, It’s Me, Amber

I can’t get my brain going this morning. Running on less caffeine and sleep has me feeling like a heroin addict in rehab. Not that I know what that feels like…but if I had to guess I would assume it was pretty close to what I am feeling except heroin addicts are pussy’s. Caffeine is legal my friends…and more socially acceptable than ever.

Believe it or not caffeine is a drug, it is just a drug that happens to make us more productive, coherent and alert, therefore I don’t see it being illegal anytime soon. The only problem with caffeine addiction is not how people act while under the influence, but when they are not under the influence. This is when caffeine addicts start to get a little dangerous..and by dangerous I mean cranky, and nearly narcoleptic.

I literally can’t even think in complete sane thoughts right now…so I apologize.

You know what I am looking forward to though? Running in pure awesome humidity. I was so drenched with sweat yesterday after my run that I was disgusted with myself. After picking up a tick from running on trails I am afraid of veering off any paved roads which leads to strange looks while I run around the neighborhood multiple times like a nut…a sweaty nut. Ladies. <--- that was for you Colin.

I am also convinced that the people above Marias apartment are professional leap froggers. I think they could be a little louder though.

Anyways.. Happy Monday everyone, don’t forget it is Meatless Monday so save a few farm animals today and eat your veggies.


  1. I'm giving you high fives on this post right now. I'm sitting in my office, it's 6:00 in the morning and I am so sleepy that I'm almost drooling....almost. I feel like a scratch that, zombies could probably out run me at the momment.

  2. I love that your blogs make me laugh each morning. And Colin will be so proud of the ladies joke. Hope those Go Girls come in today :)