Monday, June 28, 2010

Last Day

It’s my last day here in Lynchburg VA. I will admit that I am sad to be leaving. It is bittersweet though because it means that I will get to see Eric in 4 short days.

I am in a bit of a rush this morning because I just stumbled across a new cooking website and couldn’t pry myself away from it…so I am going to keep this short and sweet.

So, I have had the question of “What do you want to do on your last day here?” Honestly, I just want to be able relax and enjoy this last day in the company of Colin and Maria. I don’t need to do anything big, or end the trip with a bang. I would love nothing more than to be able to cook them one last meal and just spend quality time together because this is what I enjoy doing most, and I don’t get to do it enough. I know, I am a boring guest…but if they were cool with it I would love for them to tell me something they would like me to cook.

What will it be guys?


  1. You're awesome. That's not boring at all. I've really enjoyed spending time with you. You're hilarious, and I love laughing with you. I wish you could stay longer, but I'm so excited for you and Eric to be back together! I know I'd be dying inside if it was Colin. You're a strong person. :)

    Dinner. I have no particular suggestion except I vote for the meal to have your awesome bread. I could eat a loaf of your bread by myself...EASY. Thanks for all the cooking you've done the past couple weeks, and for joining in, in making fun of my cleaning habits. It makes me giggle.

  2. Lynchburg's loss is our gain. I only wish we were ALL together.