Saturday, June 26, 2010

Washington D.C.

I was finally able to see Washington D.C. in person.  It is 100 times better than seeing it through my TV screen. There is more walking involved… but totally worth it. Oh and if you go in the summer…wear shorts. Don’t ask questions just do it.

We got in pretty late last night so my ability to think straight is probably the equivalent to a delusional drunken bum. Because of my drunken-like state, the rest of this post will be mostly pictures. ( start getting excited now )


Jefferson_memorialOur journey began at the Jefferson memorial

Steps of Jefferson memorial 

The view from the steps of the Jefferson memorial. It was almost equally amusing to see how many people fell down them.

Lincoln Memorial

Then we headed by the Lincoln Memorial….

Colin and I in front of Monument

Then took this picture. Yes we are 100% brother and sister.

Soaking Feet

Here is my brother explaining something about this fabulous fountain that had all the states around it…I can’t remember the name of it because I was so darn hot that I did the unthinkable…

Hot Feet

I exposed my nasty runner’s feet for all of Washington D.C. to see. And yes, my feet are really that white and man-like.

After my body cooled to a tolerable temperature, I put my white man feet away before I scared any small children. Colin and Cali

I think my brother might miss CA a little.

Oh and here is a picture of Maria and I while we soaked..


The cool water gave me the strength to smile, but my eyes say I need food now before I make the hulk look like a pussy or before I pass out…so the search for food began.

We made a little stop by the White House first to say hi to President Obama.


Or we at least looked at it from afar. They don’t let you get as close to it as they used to. You can’t really see it from here but there were guys dressed in black up on the top of the White House with guns ready to go. Nuts.

Moe's Lunch

We walked for what seemed like forever, but we finally ended up at Moe’s for lunch. ( it is kind of like chipotle ) It was delicious. Yay for food, now I was ready to go.


We ended up at the Smithsonian which is home to the actual kitchen of Julia Child. I was in awe.

Julias Press

Some of her press appearances and achievements…

Julias Books

Some of her books…

I think that seeing Julia Child’s Kitchen was probably the highlight of my day. It is not exactly what people go to D.C. for but I was pretty darn stoked to see it.

By the time we made our way out of the Smithsonian it was nearing 6:00pm. Our next stop was the National Archives ( I don’t know if that is the right name for it but it had the constitution and all that inside of it.) They don’t allow photography though. I hope they know that they are making me type more than I want to.

Starbucks Refuel

Then we stopped for a much needed caffeine fix. My brother now has me hooked on ice coffee with soymilk, sweetened. ( I even ordered it on my own last time ).

From Starbucks, we headed toward the capital and ended up finding a pizza place along the way. I can’t remember the name of it but it was pretty darn good. Their claim to fame was their 10” pizzas that they cook in a brick oven. They even had a Marinara pizza which is a pizza that only contains red sauce, garlic, oregano, and sea salt. It is a rare find, considering most people think I am the weirdest person on earth for liking pizza without cheese.

Feeling re-energized we made our way to the capital

capital again 

I have no idea what the orange guy was doing but he failed to move.

Colin and Maria in front of capital

Colin and Maria in front of the Capital.

After seeing the capital we headed back to the car and made it home just before 2:00am.

And that my friends wraps up my trip to Washington D.C.

Special thanks to Colin Harman for being our tour guide, and to Maria Brebner for being my walking buddy and pee partner. Oh and to Chad for looking back to occasionally to make sure Maria and I hadn’t been kidnapped.



Happy Saturday!


  1. I'm so excited that you were able to visit D.C. and see everything you wanted to (especially Julia Childs' kitchen). I loved being your walking buddy and getting to share some funny experiences with you and listen to some hilarious stories. It was quite a long, thrilling day. Wish we all could have stayed longer. Speaking of, wish you weren't leaving Tuesday already. :( I'm having fun being goofy with you. I don't usually feel comfortable enough to do that, (besides with Colin) and it's fun!

  2. Glad u got to see the Capitol. Did it make u more patriotic? Sorry it was so warm. I do remember it was a lot of walking.

  3. Glad you had a fun day. So much to see there and great to have fun with Maria and your bro!

  4. I loved getting to share those experiences with you. It has been a blast having you here and getting to do fun things from time to time. It would have been nice if we could have stayed up there for a night so we could have more time, I guess sometime in the future you'll just have to come back so we can see more things. :)
    It was a lot of walking, easily over 10 miles, but it was all worth it. Plus it means I get to spend the day afterwards (today) with my trusty friend lactic acid. I know it was a whirlwind of a trip and a long day, but i loved it. Thanks for having fun with me, and I hope you had as much fun as I did/do.

  5. I loved all those photos! Happy to hear you were having such a wonderful time in DC! I want to go there someday... Have a safe trip back!