Friday, June 11, 2010

Flying Solo

It’s  almost time for my trip to VA…and I am beginning to minorly…majorly freak out about flying alone. I think getting on the first flight will be okay, but the connecting flight..not so much. My connecting flight is in Atlanta which is a rather large Airport and in case you forgot I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag.

I am excited to visit VA and have fun with my brother though. I Just have to get there first.  Breath Amber, breathe. My last flying experience to Virginia still haunts me…they give you the option of a window seat, or an aisle seat. I of course chose aisle because if I have to relive my last experience I don’t want to climb over strangers to empty out my bodily fluids every 5 minutes.  However,  if they sold bathroom seats I would of chosen that option hands down.

Dear God help me.


  1. haha, i would totally choose the bathroom seat option too. something about being in a plan makes my body need-to-go-now. Yeah I hate planes.
    But I'm sure everything will be fine, just take some heavy duty calming medication like I do!

  2. Plus if you could sit in the bathroom, it would be like having your own little apartment on the plane. Although the only thing more terrifying than having to sit on a toilet during an airplane taking off is the thought of a toilet that needs a seatbelt. Although sometimes I wonder if a toilet seatbelt could actually prove useful in certain scenarios of desperation or unforeseen intensity.