Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From The Other Side

It was weird waking up in California this morning. Just yesterday I was all the way across the country. Airplanes are amazing…especially when they charge you out your bum for everything.

Luggage- $23.00

In Air Wi-Fi= $12.95

Any perishable food-$8.00

Alcoholic Beverages- I can’t remember…

Tiny mini pretzels, peanuts, or cookies- priceless

I opted for pretzels but unfortunately all 45 calories worth didn’t really fill me up. I was tempted to eat the bag they came in.

As I ate my pretzels I began to think… why do they serve peanuts on airplanes? When did it start? What is the history of airplane peanut serving? What was so special about this legume that they thought..hey we serve them at baseball games, so why not hand them out on airplanes? I would of opted for Cracker Jacks myself.

Imagine how much they could charge if their was a Starbucks on board. I am surprised they don’t have baristas whipping up frappichinos in the air. One Starbucks in the front and another one in the back by the lavatories. Come on Starbucks, if you plan on taking over the world you can’t forget about the air.

Anyways, I know I said I would post a trip re-cap today but my brain is in a fog and is just not in the right state of mind to recap an awesome trip.

So for now, I will leave with a question.
What was your worst airplane experience?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Too many to write in this little square! lol

  2. I think you should write Starbucks and inform them of your genius idea. I can't believe this isn't somehow already in the works. Uh worst airplane ride ever was from Dallas to Vegas. Our pilot was sick so they called another one on short notice. I'm pretty sure he was either 16 and just got his pilot license or he was still drunk from the night before. The plane was doing the whole back and forth rocking and swaying the entire flight. By the end of it I had "used" 3 barf bags (seriously 3...all of the ones in my row).