Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day #4 of Virginia Bliss

It’s Day #4 here in Virginia. My brain is a bit foggy this morning so bear ( I just wrote bear…like RAWR bear..haha ) *Bare* with me.  Yesterday was a relaxing laid back day..well for me at least. (although for some reason I feel like I ran a marathon this morning ) I got to relax while Colin and Maria worked from home. They are definitely great at what they do.

So onto the more exciting news of yesterday. We went to see Toy Story 3. It was in 3D as well, which was amazing. It was my first 3D movie that didn’t involve having to be in an amusement park.

Now for my Toy Story 3D movie review: I loved every second of it. It definitely brought me back to childhood. It was just as good as Toy Story 1, and 2, if not better. It was hilarious and I envy the creativity of it’s creators. Not only was it a great story line but we watched the first Toy Story on Wednesday night and it is crazy to see that the graphics have actually improved quite a bit. So I would say Toy Story 3 is a must see. So get on that.

In other random thought, I watched Top Chef yesterday so now I am itching to cook something.

Wow, this blog is pretty much gone to crap. Do you ever have those days where your brain fires off random thoughts but they never really finish going through the thought process? Yea, that is my brain this morning. Which also reminds me that my Go Girls better arrive here soon because the supply that I hauled over with me is quickly being depleted…along with my energy. Caffeine you bastard.

I guess I am lucky enough to have successfully traveled with a suitcase full of pink aluminum cans.I can only imagine what that would of looked like going through the x-ray machine…not good apparently because the little pamphlet sitting on top of my belongings when I opened my suitcase tells me they searched my bag. Which is fine, I have nothing to hide, but I would like to know what they thought when they opened a suitcase containing more pink cans, and food, than articles of clothing. Unfortunately I did have one Go Girl casualty, which is always a sad scenario..but I consider myself lucky that it was only 1 can. It somehow managed to leak through a plastic bag,  through my suitcase, and onto Marias floor, ( Sorry again Maria ) without getting on a single article of my clothing. Hmm strange…but awesome. I am glad to not have to sport pink tie dye clothes the rest of the trip. ( Although I am sure that would look completely awesome )

Anyways, happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. I think the purpose of a blog doesn't always have to keep with one theme. I think it's allowed to kind of be all over the place. Take for example the following sentence which though at first may seem normal, will actually fall asunder after a few words of normality.

    You see, once you start a sentence about a unicorn that collects coconut shaped pokemon cards, there is actually only 3 explanations for what would cause them to not collect keebler elves from under the refrigerator at the white house.

    I digress. So you see, anything can be considered awesome. Value lies in the eye of the beholder.

    P.S. sorry about the tick in your leg, and for driving faster than most would consider normal.