Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freeing My Inner Geek

In what seemed like a lifetime I finally made it here to Lynchburg Virginia. Minus a 4 hour plane ride turning into a an 8 hour plane ride..two of those hours actually being on the ground and not in the air…everything else went pretty smooth. I guess there was some sort of weather deal going on in Atlanta which made us have to land in Huntsville Alabama to refuel. The weather delayed a lot of flights, luckily it also delayed my connecting flight and I didn’t have to deal with the confusion of missing a connecting flight and all that.

So all in all, I came out unscathed. The upside is that I nearly finished my new book that had me laughing out loud like “that weirdo that sat next to you on the plane”. So what is this book I speak of? It is none other than Sarah Silverman’s new book called The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee.

I will admit that I never really bothered to pay attention to Sara Silverman’s comedy until now. I saw previews and clips of her Comedy Central Show The Sarah Silverman Program and honestly thought it looked kind of retarded…but as they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” well in this case “don’t judge a show by its previews”. I just recently sprouted an interest to learn more about Silverman’s comedy after watching her on a few recent television appearances. I found her to be surprisingly funny and not as strange as I thought. So I began my you tube search and was amused by some of her stand up routines. She had a very Kathy Griffinesque style (meaning she said whatever she wanted and didn’t hold back.) Since I am the complete opposite and hold back too much…I am amused by this comedy. I secretly watch it hoping to tap into some of their energy in order to just be a normal person and not hold back simple everyday conversations.

I watched whatever video I could find and found myself laughing at every single one. It was official, I needed to buy her book. STAT. So that I did, in perfect timing for an unplanned extended flight.

I have read Kathy Griffins book, and loved every word of it. I loved that she was so different than me, and was amused by her ideas and way of life. However, when reading Sarah Silverman’s book I found that she is kind of the uncensored version of me. I saw a lot of myself in her. For example she talks about her lack of style which I can COMPLETELY relate is a little clip of her book that I specially marked because I wanted to shout AMEN at the top of my lungs but since I was on an airplane, I restrained myself.

“Eh, what can I say? I’m a comfort-is-key kind of person, and, corny as it sounds, the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile, and when shit is too tight or my feet hurt or I’m cold, I’m just not happy.”

I could of written those very words myself. She is kind my closet geekiness, out in public.

Wow, I didn’t expect this to be a post gushing my new found love for Sarah Silverman but nor did I expect to find her book strangely inspiring. I can’t say Silverman’s

Anyways,  I am not sure if you even continued reading my post down this far but if you are bored, have a long flight, or trying to free your inner geek I highly recommend this book.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hey its okay to respond to your inner geekness and laugh out loud. That way your seatmates will ignore you rather than try and talk to you. lol.Glad you made it there ok. Give Colin and Maria a hug for me.