Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nervous Laughter

After trying my hardest on many different occasions to abstain from using “lol” in my blog posts I have come to realize that I use it way too much in everyday chat conversations and e-mails. It is probably because I have a real life nervous laugh habit.

So in real life when I would just nervous laugh like a dork I find myself wanting to insert a “lol”. Least I am honest though. When I type “lol” I am actually laughing out loud. ( but it doesn’t necessarily mean something is funny unfortunately ) I don’t commonly use the more forgotten form of “lol” which many of you may know as “rofl”. I usually settle for a higher degree of laughter and use “haha” or if it is really funny I use “HAHA” or “HaHa”. I feel that if I used “rofl” that it would make me a liar because I very rarely find myself rolling on the floor laughing. There are only a few things in life that deserve floor rolling laughter.

Another form of “lol” that I never use is “lmfao” #1 it’s too freaking long. You might as well just write HAHAHAhahhaahhahahahah because to me, that would better represent something funny and it is a universal sign of laughter. “lmfao” just seems like an abbreviation that was created by a pubescent teenager who still giggles when someone says penis, or boobs. You just giggled didn’t you? 

I would like to meet whoever invented the infamous “lol” abbreviation. After all, they did play a huge role in our current ways of text communication. However, I am  not sure if I would shake their hand or slap them across the face for causing those who suffer from nervous laughter to overuse the word and forever annoy their friends, family, and co-workers.


  1. Isn't it funny how the laugh has evolved?! I think we all have our own form of LOL... For example...

    Bahahahaha! (I use a B in front when I laugh REALLY hard) You like that, don't you?

    And I totally giggled when you said boobs and penis. My giggle is like this: teehee!

    :) Fun post!

  2. I think nervous laughter is a way of saying, "I hear what your saying, but I have nothing to say back that is witty or interesting at the moment, so i'll just laugh since everyone likes to think they are funny."
    It's really just a selfless act of affirmation. You're so giving.

  3. Oh and just for future reference in case you were wondering, nothing says encouragement and 'I love you' like elitist pessimistic sarcastic negativity!

  4. I totally giggled for real when you wrote "penis & boobs". I laugh when I'm nervous, or highly annoyed...which I guess makes me hard to read.