Saturday, June 12, 2010

Can You Pass The Ketchup? Please?

I need my Snuggie. It’s chilly and a plain old blanket leaves my arms feeling naked. Unfortunately mine is packed away in a storage unit 20 miles away. As ridiculous as they may look Snuggies are probably one of the greatest inventions of this generation. Older folks may wonder what the big deal is about an open robe…but pretty soon robes will start to look like Snuggies with belts.

Anyways… today is Farmer’s market day. Woo! Hopefully I will have better luck today in finding what I need. The cooler weather has really slowed down some of the usual in season fruits and veggies. The only thing I was able to find last week was a Gardenburger from Awful Annies. Still worth the trip.

I was finally able to stomach broccoli last night in my always amazing Chevy’s Fajitas. Since my midnight puking session consisted mostly of broccoli.. ( um yea sorry you had to picture that. ) I haven’t been able to stomach it since…and I am the broccoli queen…is it weird that one of my favorite foods is broccoli? Yea, my intestines think so too. I also have a ketchup obsession. I could eat it with pretty much anything. Organic ketchup mostly though..because it consists of more than just corn syrup. I dip my Gardenburgers in ketchup, after putting ketchup on the bun…I even eat it with veggies, or with a grilled cheese. Anyone else love ketchup as much as I do? Or am I a freak of nature? Don’t judge me. I shall eat my ketchup covered broccoli while bundled up with my Snuggie.

Happy Saturday :)

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  1. The only time I go after ketchup, and it's usually not organic unfortunately, is when I dip french fries in it....I know, it's bad.