Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day #5 of Virginia Exploration

Yesterday was another great day here in Virginia, and lucky for you, I have some pictures to share. Yay now you don’t have to skim my blog nearly as much. I will start from the top.

morning run bridge 

I started out my morning by doing a little exploring. I found some trails at a nearby park, and then soon discovered my first embedded tick on the back of my leg. I must of picked it up between here, and here…

Morning run

The trails here are gorgeous. Everything is so green and alive.       ( including ticks ).

After my run and recovery from a tick bite and sweating out half my body weight we headed to a little Mexican place here called Mi Patron. I am convinced that Mi Patron is one of Lynchburgs best kept secrets. They have the best vegetarian fajitas. They might even be better than Chevy’s. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture to share…but perhaps I will sometime in the near future.

After lunch we headed out to Blue Ridge church, which is also known as my Brother’s place of employment. I got to see where all the behind the scenes magic takes place. Here is my brother’s office.




Here he is, hard at work. Notice the double screen action. I am a little jealous.

After he finished up so stuff at work, we made a starbucks stop, got some couch pillows from target, drove around and made our way back to Marias where I finished up the day by making pizza. It was a good day indeed.

I now get to see a little of my brother’s work in action and go to his on that note I better get running.

Happy Sunday, and Happy Father’s Day!

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