Friday, January 29, 2010


Despite my best efforts, I have once again let anxious thoughts flood my mind. It's Friday, and to me this means only one thing: Class of Hell. Yes, the class where I get to joyfully jazzercise my way to humiliation.

I was a good student last week and went out and bought a Yoga mat that we were required to bring to class which we never ended up using of course, my luck. This week she wanted us to bring something called a Tune Belt. If you do not know what a Tune Belt is then here it is...

 This high tech peice of equipment ( note my sarcasm ) will put me out another 20.00. Really? College is expensive enough as it is. I can't even afford a belt to hold up my pants, let alone a belt to hold a microphone receiver. Unfortunately I will have to be the bad student this week. I will admit I am a little nervous that I will be harshly punished and put in a corner with a dunce cap...but would literally not having 20.00 be a good enough exscuse?

On another note, my free hours of music on Pandora just ran out. This day is going to be fantastic. I can feel it!


  1. Maybe you could stop by a thrift shop and get a cheap, neon colored fanny pack instead of a $20 tune belt.

  2. You should have let us know, especially when dad was at your house. We can still get it but it's too late for today. When Pandora runs out go to Grooveshark. xoxoxo

  3. yes, I was just going to suggest grooveshark