Monday, January 18, 2010

Developing Relationships

I just partook in my new breakfast special.  Mmmm Ibuprofen... delicious, and so not nutritious. You would think I was eating Rice Krispies for breakfast because all I hear when I get out of bed is snap, crackle, and pop. Unfortunately I am still having some problems with my hip..or pelvis, or whatever the heck it is that hurts. I wasn't sure what to expect after turning 23, but I didn't know I was going to slowly but surely begin to fall apart.

I suppose there was one good thing to come out of turning 23 and that is my developing love for my new bike a.k.a. The Pink Panther ( I know, original huh? ) and for cycling.

Here she is...

 My love for cycling is kind of like an arranged marriage. If I was not forced into it because of an injury, I may have never discovered my love for it, and the love that is still developing.

Before I was injured, and I was solely just running, I saw cycling as lazier form of running that required a costly piece of equipment. But who knew it could be so fun? I will admit, I was skeptical when I first saw my new bike. It's shiny pink paint glistened in the sunlight with confidence, while it's large, but skinny wheels pronounced it's delicacy. I grabbed the curled, unfamiliar feeling handlebars and hopped on the soft, yet Va Jay Jay suffocating seat ( thanks Oprah ). Will I grow to love this as much as running?

My question was quickly answered after the first spin I took around the block. I couldn't help but smile as I felt the wind blow in my face and over my back as I crouched down into racing position. Did I love it as much as running? No, not yet, but just like any relationship ( yes even a running relationship ) it takes time. I am still getting to know my bike, but I am beginning to love it more, and more each time I ride it. Now for the big question. Where do I see this relationship going?

Maybe here?

What ya think? Could I do it?


  1. DO IT :)
    I'll live vicariously through you. You can do it :)

    i can't remember the last time I was on a bike.

  2. This of your "pink" bike as participating for the fight against breast cancer!

  3. Your bike is so gorgeous! I absolutely love riding my bike.

  4. Love that you are enjoying the Pink Panther. I always thrilled at the wind in my face when I was flying down a mountain road.

  5. I adore cycling! AND your precious bike!

  6. First, I am so jealous of the bike. Second, like any good relationship you have to keep it adventurous. How would you feel if your other half just took you around the block for a date...come all every girl loves to travel. The way I see it you owe it to Pink Panther to show her/him the world!
    Haha and who knows maybe that seat will get a little more comfortable in return.