Friday, January 8, 2010

Origins of Being Bummed Out

I am feeling a little bummed today. I can't really pinpoint exactly why, but I think there are a few different places this bummed feeling originates from.

Origin #1
My brother is no longer here.

Origin #2
Being sick most of the week.

Origin #3
Feeling like I am falling apart, and always having some sort of new pain while running.Who knew 23 would feel so old.

Origin #4
Having no job/ anticipating the birthday money to be gone very soon.

Origin #5
Doubting my ability to not get overwhelmed with a full school schedule.

Origin #6
Coming home to Jake chowing down on Jeffreys food...only to find an empty bag which I spent $20 of my birthday money on a few days prior. Only to have Eric laughing. Can I have $20 then please?

Origin #7
Smelling the consequences Jake was faced with for eating a whole bag of ferret food.

Origin #8
The overwhelming thought of cleaning up this place, and getting things packed to move.

Origin #9
Having so many unknowns this year.

Origin #10
Having no blog comments to read.


  1. I am still praying for a job for you. Eric shouldn't be laughing as it was Jake who ate the food and you SHOULD NOT be spending your birthday $$ on anything but yourself. Sounds like you (like me) need some real sunshine to get the seratonin going. Tell Eric he needs to get on the ball helping with clearing our garage or he will be paying $$ for storage. Seems as though animals in your life right now are a hindrence rather than a joy. I think you need to get out of the house and be around people. Love you! Madre

  2. Dude, it is not cool when other people eat your food. Last week my roommate ate a WHOLE BAG of tortilla chips, said she would replace them, and never did.

    Fun times.

  3. Well I am not very stoked that you are bummed out, and though this comment is a bit delayed, I think I may have some solutions...
    I will start in list form in corresponding order of your quandaries.

    1. You're in luck, I'm not dead! So, you should come be here with me!
    2. I am like dangling my toes off the cliff of sickness right now, but we can fight it together! Come here!
    3. Bring your new bike out here and ride it, you can alternate those days with the days you do (softer grounded) trail running!
    4. I can have a job for you here in a week. problemo-el-solvo.
    5. Job you would get here: school + (help with our fitness ministry + being my chef) + (running + cycling) = your balanced life here.
    6. Build a higher gate, or put the gate you have like 5 inches off the ground in the door jam.
    7. Bad dog (I got nothin'...)
    8. At least it's not a super long drive, rather than from Marin to Lincoln.
    9. You know me!
    10. Now you have at least 3 :)