Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry For the Delay

You might have noticed ( emphasis on might ) that I didn’t write a blog today…well that is because I was too busy working on my homework. As predicted I procrastinated until the morning before class to get it done. Getting past the writers block was kind of tough but if you are interested in what I came up with here it is…let me know your thoughts/suggestions I welcome constructive criticism so be honest.
Along The Shores of Canine Affection
As I sat staring at the rain, I felt a sudden nudge against my hand. Startled by a cold sensation I quickly turned my head only to see a wave of red tongue heading in my direction.  It rolled toward me with unstoppable force as it engulfed my face leaving only my ears untouched. I had been involuntarily washed up along the shores of canine affection.  I quickly wiped off my saliva drenched face with the sleeve of my sweatshirt and looked at him with disgust.  Head tilted, he looked at me with dark glossy eyes while his oversized ears stood at attention.  “What?” I asked him. He let out a high pitch whine as his tail started to wag.   His playful swagger masked his large muscular stature and his shiny shark like teeth were easily forgotten.  He carefully batted at me with his paw, crouched down into play position and began chasing his tail like it was some sort of unforeseen imposter. Feeling nearly hypnotic I watched him run circles around the room and create a dust cloud of white fur. I couldn’t help but laugh as he carelessly raced through the house panting, and snorting. His happiness was surely infectious, and I knew it time to play.


  1. Hmmm white fir, ia that a whole forest of trees kind of fir? Your story made me laugh, Jake did that to me yesterday when I stopped by. I have Murray's white fur all over my sweaters and coats and stuck on all the black lines of the carptes!