Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nothing Exciting

I don't have anything too exciting to blog about today. Not that I ever do, or ever will, but I have not left the house for two days and my life has consisted of nothing but nose blowing and TV watching. I think I am officially leaking brain matter from my nostrils, and coughing up lung tissue. Lovely. Unfortunately it seems I may have to break my "act like a hobbit week" and get my butt out the door due to lack of toilet paper, and food.

I should be taking advantage of this down time by reading The Omnivores Dilemma which was a birthday gift from my brother. But it seems like every time I crack it open I lose my place trying to blow my nose, or find a comfortable position where my nose is not running onto the crisp new pages. I also have a tendency to want to fall asleep when lying or sitting down. Perhaps there is a down side to low blood pressure after all. ( just kidding ) However, the five pages that I have read so far have been fabulous.

There is one thing that did make me feel better yesterday, and that was being able to watch the opening episode of season 9 of The Biggest Loser. This show is responsible for some of the reasons to why I wanted to become a personal trainer. Not because I wanted to be a rock star trainer like Jillian Michaels, or Bob Harper ( okay, maybe just a little ), but because of what they get to see and do. They get to inspire people to transform their lives, and be part of that transformation. Sure, weight loss may only seem like a physical transformation to the outsiders perspective, but it is also a deeper emotional transformation that is the key. I can only hope to one day inspire someone in this way. I want nothing more in life than to be a part of something like this.


  1. Keep up your dreams & goals of helping people. There's no greater pleasure and accomplishment in life.


  2. First of all I died laughing when I read "Hobbit Week" that's priceless. I love you sister. Keep it up, you're amazing. Oh and don't get boogers in that book, but make sure you read it. Maybe we should have got ya the book on tape... ;-)

    You inspire me, so that's a start. Keep it up, and get well soon!