Sunday, January 10, 2010

Battles on a Cloudy Day

I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. But despite my plummeting seratonin and vitamin D levels I actually had a pretty good day yesterday. Not only did I finally get my new bike, completely assembled, and ready to ride, ( thanks Dad! ) but I also somehow convinced my husband to see a chick flick. I don't even know how I managed to do this. After a failed attempt to go to the bank and realizing it was already closed, we decided to use our movie passes we got for Christmas. We started out wanting to see Youth in Revolt but of course with our luck, it wasn't playing at any of the theaters we had free passes to. Then the "what movie do you want to see now?" question popped into play. According to time, and location we narrowed it down to two possible movies...Avatar, and Leap Year.  Of course, I knew which one he wanted to see. Don't get me wrong, as much as I would love to see a glorified version of the smurfs, I was determined to get my way for once. I suppose his most recent movie selection of Bruno fueled my determination.

So the battle began, Avatar Vs. Leap Year.

Round #1
Eric- You can see it with your friends.
Me- But I want to see it with you.

Score: Amber: 1 Eric: 0
Guilt Factor Bonus Point: +1

Round #2
Eric - I just don't see the fun in seeing a chick flick in theaters. You should see a movie that you can get the full effect of by seeing it in a theater.
Me- But we were originally going to see Youth in Revolt...

Score: Amber: 1 Eric: 0

Round #3
Eric- But chick flicks are just so cheesy, and predictable. You should be happy I don't like them because then I would be gay.
Me- So watching Bruno is somehow less gay? I saw more penis in that movie than I ever wanted to see in a lifetime.

Score: Amber: 1 Eric: 0

Total Score: Amber: 4 Eric: 0


 I usually lose battles but this time I came out victorious! I didn't have a particularly large urge to see Leap Year, but so what? I had won. Since he was opposed to "looking gay" and buying tickets for such a chick flick he made me get the tickets. So I approached the ticket booth in all my glory "two for Leap Year."Yep, that's right sucka!

So was it just like every chick flick? Cheesy, and predictable? Yes, and yes. But that is the beauty of it and I loved every second. Life is not cheesy nor predictable enough and a movie containing these vital elements in a woman's life is a must.

About an hour and a half later, we both exited the movie theater smiling, and he admitted to it not being so bad after all. We finished the day off with a trip to the grocery store for some fresh ingredients for dinner. I ended up making a shepherds pie (vegetarian of course) with a variety of organic vegetables, and made cookies for dessert. You know it was a great day, when you wake up the next day still smiling.


  1. Love it! Goes to show you should stick to your guns and fight for your rights! Giving in all the time never makes you the winner! Your comebacks were the best! lol Glad YOU won! xoxo M.

  2. I guess to me, the only thing more "gay" than being afraid to look gay is being unsupportive to the only woman you really need to impress. Just saying...

    Oh, and when I read "I saw more penis in that movie than I ever wanted to see in a lifetime" I pretty much cracked a rib from laughing so hard.

    You are hilarious.