Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Somber Mornings

From what I can tell, it is going to be another cloudy day. It's still dark out so I admit, I'm just guessing. Then again, maybe it is just my brain that's cloudy. I had a hard time sleeping. I passed out around 9:30 last night and woke up just in time to see who got sent home on the Biggest Loser...least I didn't miss the most vital piece of the show. Unfortunately I woke up at 3:00am to the sound of Jeffrey (my furry ferret friend) throwing a temper tantrum in his cage. He still hasn't figured out that no matter how hard he scratches, or gnaws at the walls of his cage, that there is just no escaping. Jeffrey's tantrum continued and I tried to sleep until I finally gave up and got up at 3:50, and of course Jeffrey was out cold by 4:00am. So forgive me if this blog is just bleh.

Suprisingly I think I might actually start to miss this place. I only have about 25 days left here, but it is not really the house that I am going to miss...because well, if you look two doors down there is one just like it. ( Gotta love cookie cutter houses). I think I develop a different type of attachment to the places I live because of running. The environment, and the people of my running route become a part of my routine so even though I get to continue running when I move, there is still a little routine obstruction...and I am a stickler for my morning routine. When you run at nearly the same time every morning, along the same route you develop a sort of silent relationship with the people that you see. You don't know them, or their name, but you know that you share a common ground, the ground I am running on at least. There is the walkers I see which include an older lady with a red coat, that always smiles and waves like she is excited to see me, the old man with the black safari hat and the cane that would nod and smile, the Asain lady who I slowly saw develop into a jogger, and the older gentlemen with the red headband and yellow sweatsuit who always ran with his little french bulldog.

Running will remain in my life, ( if my hip permits ) but the route will be different and so will the people I come across, but I suppose it is a sign that it is time for a new route when you get recognized in Tower Market as the girl who runs all over Lincoln. Awesome, want my autograph?

On a brighter note, it is now light outside and I actually see this big bright yellow thing. What is that? Ohhh it's the sun! I almost forgot what it looked like.

So what are some of the most annoying things that keep you awake at night?


  1. Truly a great story about how some things are just not able to be replaced.

    My fiance's snoring keeps me up a lot. Or my cat moving my legs to get comfortable.

  2. I think YOU know what keeps me up at night. Guess you'll have to get used to doing some hills again. Good or bad for you?

  3. MOST of the time, I don't notice little sounds...but when I can't sleep I hear EVERY. LITTLE. SOUND! Drives me CRAZY!

  4. Changes in environment are challenging, but they are the good kind of challenging. They're not the kind of "crap", but more like that "so what should I do next?" kind.

    I don't have any animals, but sunlight wakes me up, but I got some awesome blackout curtains, so it's night time all day long if i so choose!