Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Urges of Change

Have you ever had those random thoughts or urges for change? I am not talking about little changes such as having waffles for breakfast instead of Honey Bunches of Oats, (okay, maybe this would be a big change for me)  running my route counter-clockwise instead of clockwise, or maybe even wearing a different pair of jeans. I am talking about drastic changes usually provoked by the big question of "What if"? What if I got a tattoo? Died my hair pink? Got my nose pierced? Ran naked in the rain? Moved or traveled to a completely unfamiliar place where no one knows me, and live my life as a completely different person. Okay, so maybe I don't really want to do all of these things, but that last one does sound particularly appealing, and it is the most fun to think about.

What if I traveled to...

                      London? I could catch a ride on a double decker bus.

                                       I could roam the streets of Paris...

Stand in awe of Ireland's beauty

Catch a cab in the city that never sleeps

Enjoy the old victorians in San Francisco ....


come back to reality,  appreciate Auburn


                                                           it's landmarks...

Okay, so I might have to settle for something a little less drastic... perhaps I will run naked in the rain.


  1. I'm hoping to take the change of moving to a place where no one (or actually one person who I've yet to truly meet) knows me. It's truly terrifying and exciting at the same time.

    I would go for running naked in the rain though.

  2. Maybe both you and Ashley could run naked int he rain and get it out of your systems....Ha! It's nice to think of going different places....but with someone who shares your same excitement. How about going with us to Canada to your cousin's wedding June 9? It's something, anyway. :o) M.

  3. Different place: http://bit.ly/5NA0nV

    Come hither to me!!! LIVE THE EXCITEMENT ! MISS YOU!