Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boxed up Memories

I finally started packing yesterday. It is time for me to start saying my goodbyes to Lincoln for I only have a few more weeks here. I will soon be living back in Auburn with my parents, and Eric will be leaving for bootcamp March 1st. It is crazy how fast time went by. It seems like just yesterday we moved into this place, and now we are moving out. I have been dreading having to go through the moving process once again, having to pack, clean, and stress...oh joy.

While packing some of my crap up yesterday I learned that I have a little bit of hoarder in me. I was trying to pack things up as organized as possible so that I could easily unpack it later...but I found myself struggling to throw unnecessary items away. I don't know if you have ever watched the show Hoarders on A&E but I was starting to terrify myself.  Visions of the crazy lady who had so much garbage in her house that they found 3 cat skeletons began to haunt my thoughts.  Okay, so I'm not that bad..but I did end up wasting a large amount of time going through old stuff that I had some sort of emotional attachment to.

I started looking through my old yearbooks, and found a few pictures. My biggest question is why didn't anyone tell me how much of a loser I was? Someone should of done me a favor and smacked me across the face. Then again, I could look back on today 5 years from now and think the same thing. If you are wondering how cool I was in high school I will give you a little peek inside my yearbook.

Yes, I played soccer...here was our team page in the yearbook...

Awesome right? Let's zoom in a bit for a better look...


Oh look who it is over here in the left hand corner...yep that's me in all my uh..glory. They had to pick this picture right? Yes..this is just how cool I was.
It is crazy how much we can change in just a few years, and I know I still have a lot of changing to do. I also found some of my old journals. I couldn't help but flip through them and find out what I was doing on this very day only years ago.  Two years ago I wrote down  a quote that says "Many complain of their own laziness, but laziness, like money, doesn't really exist except to represent something else." I am not really sure what compelled me to write this down two years ago, but I would say it is still pretty applicable to my life today. Guess that means I should stop being a lazy procrastinator.

Are you a procrastinator? If so, how do you force yourself to overcome procrastination?


  1. I am a huge procrastinator and I've learned to live with it. I wait until the last minute but then I get it done.

    I got to go to my brother's boot camp graduation and it was so awesome to see him after being gone for two months and watch him graduate. He's in the Air Force. Best of luck to Eric in boot camp.

  2. I procrastinate a ton. I try to reason with myself by saying "the sooner I do it, the sooner I can relax." Generally works, but not all the time.

  3. I procrastinate with house cleaning. Motivator? Company's coming. Ha!

  4. I procrastinate with folding my laundry. I have a wonderful hubby that does all the laundry, but leaves it to me to fold my own. I will leave it tucked in the corner of the spare bedroom for weeks..seriosuly...weeks! The only way I get it done is when he gives me deadlines and asks that I please have it done by that date. Hey and don't hate your yearbook photo! It looks like you at least made the effort to go for the ball, but the grass got in your way.

  5. Hi Amber; Hey just so your readers know, and perhaps to joggle your memory, you were an absolute winner in soccer. Probably the real reason they chose that picture was to show how you would dive for the ball no matter the weather. I recall in one game you stopped 22 balls, since your defense was so inept. Thanks to your awesome skill as a goalie, your team was in contention for the playoffs, and they could not have done that without you. I have some better pictures of my own with you horizontal in the air two feet off the ground catching a ball kicked to the side of the net. I loved to watch you play, you were always a winner in my book!

  6. That's a clever quote. I love finding things I wrote years ago. It almost feels like looking into someone else's life. And yes, I procrastinate all the time. Right now I should be writing and I'm reading blogs instead. I hope the move goes well.