Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Joy

It's dark, cold, and dreary in my house right now and I am finding myself hesitant to head outside for an early morning run. I am tempted to stay inside and keep warm but I know that a pre-class run is a must. My class doesn't start until 9:00am, but I am already dreading it. Not only is it 4 hours long, it is the class on group exercise instruction.

I don't plan on being a group exercise instructor, but it is a required class in order for me to get my certificate as a personal trainer/nutrition specialist. I have a feeling that this could help me break out of my shell a little bit but no one really willingly wants to step out of their comfort zone, or submit to unintended exposure therapy. I suppose it is for the best...and hey maybe there is a chance I will like it..but as you can see up top, that is my textbook. Judging the book by it's cover, I am not too sure that enjoyment will be the outcome...unless I get an awesome headset microphone.

What is a class you had to take that you absolutely detested? Did you end up liking it? Hating it? Dropping it?


  1. Bookkeeping. Hated it. Dropped it. M.

  2. Well I thought that about Shakespearian English too, but it gradually grew on me. If it breaks you out of the box, thats a good thing, you just might have fun with it! Dad