Friday, January 15, 2010

Pleading Insanity

Classes start next Tuesday, it seems like it was just yesterday that last semester ended. I will admit I am looking forward to it though. It is weird how when I was a kid, returning to school after Christmas break was like the worst thing in the world. I would dread it weeks in advance, but now I look forward to it more than anything. I suppose I may have really driven myself to insanity being home alone all day, broke, with nothing to do but run/bike, strength train, laundry, clean, cook, sleep, and repeat. Maybe I should get a job, or a social life? Yes, perhaps...but as stated in earlier blogs landing a job is nearly impossible for me due to my social retardation. Social life? Well, my friends are all busy running off and getting pregnant. ( Okay, so they are all happily married but yes they all are really pregnant ). Right now the only social life I have is with my dog, and when he starts looking at me like I am freaking nuts, I know it's time I found someone else to hang out with.

 I am taking some fun classes next semester to finish up my personal trainer/nutrition specialist certificate program. One is a nutrition/cooking class where you learn to cook for health and life fitness, and for people with special dietary needs ( like diabetes, allergies, heart disease...etc.). Can't wait! The other class I need to finish up my certificate is Techniques in Group Exercise Instruction. Group exercise instruction? Me? If this is some sort of bright sweatband, legging loving , scruntchy wearing, jazzercise instructional class I am so not into it. There is no other way I would take this class if it was not required to complete my certificate. I am terrified. I guess it could be good for me to step out of my shell, but this kind of feels like I am being pushed out. Wish me luck?

What is the worst experience you have had with a class you had to take?


  1. Dang! You are not socially retarded. I don't know who has fed this into you but it's not true! I am so happy that you enjoy school and it's not the old horrors of high school anymore. My worst time in school was being yeld at by a teacher for nothing I did, and all the students in class knew that I was very studious and would never be one that any teacher would have reason to yell at. My payback was as an adult confronting this same teacher...told him what he did that made him look like an idiot in front of the other students, right in front of my mom who worked in the superintendant's office for all to hear. Payback is mine! Ha!

  2. Gag...I hate school PERIOD. I loved the social aspect of it- but classes in general were a nightmare.