Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blast From The Past

I don't know what it is about today, but I woke up in a seemingly different world. I could of sworn I woke up to the sound of clanging pots, the smell of pancakes and bacon, (yes, I was once a meat eater) and the tune of my favorite childhood cartoon. (click play below)

It is Saturday morning, and it seems some sort of bed bug has crawled into my head and unlocked my childhood memories.

As a kid, Saturdays could go one of two ways. They could be full of sunshine and fun, or..well, full of chores and video game hangovers. A Good Saturday would depend on a few different factors. There were factors that contributed to an excellent Saturday, and factors that contributed to a not so excellent Saturday.

Positive Factors:

1.You got to have a friend sleep over, and managed to go to bed at a decent time.

2. Not only did you go to bed at a decent time, you didn't make a mess.

3. Your sleep over pal is not getting picked up until later that evening.Yay!

4. Mom is in fact making pancakes. Mmmm no one makes pancakes like Bisquick Mom.

5. Your friend brought their bike. Which means a ride to McDonalds for lunch, enough star thistle and burrs stuck in your socks to make your feet bleed, and an opportunity to show off your mad bike skillz.

6. You don't have any homework to leave for the last minute.

Negative Factors

1. You were not allowed to have a friend sleep over, or none of your friends were allowed to sleep over.

2. You were allowed to have a friend sleep over, but you stayed up all night, and made a mess of your room.

3. You are now required to clean your room.

4. You have a "stayed up all night doing who knows what hangover."

5.  You pissed off your parents in the process.

6. Mom's pancakes were made with anger instead of love.

7.  Your ride to McDonalds for lunch results in stomach cramps, mad diarrhea, and you beef it trying to show off your mad bike skillz.

8. Your friend forgot their bike, or they are lame and just don't have one.

9.  You find yourself consistently asking your "friend" every hour when they are getting picked up.

10. You have a butt load of homework that you "forgot" about until 9:00pm on Sunday night.

There are so many more factors I could add to this list. What are some of the things that could make or break your Saturdays as a kid? What were your favorite shows to watch as a kid?

Just for kicks and giggles I will leave you with some of my favorite Saturday cartoons I watched as I kid...or as a teen. (shhh...) Unfortunately the theme songs are all cut because of copyright issues. Enjoy!


 Rocko's Modern Life

Hey Arnold

Rocket Power


  1. I like your blog description.
    Oh rugrats, that brought back memories.

  2. Bahahaha so awesome, it's amazing how so true this list of goods/bads is. I love it. I would have to say my go to Saturday morning cartoon was doug, although there was times I would miss it because I was up late watching so sweet TGIF! (hello Full House, Family Matters, Step By Step, etc...)

    Oh the good days.

    Also, if it was Chorizo & Eggs for a Saturday morning breakfast, that was always a good experience to start out with...

  3. & I had that kind of breakfast this morning and it did remind me of when all of you were around for Sat. breakfasts...good memories!

    I'm so sorry Amber that you got the wrong impressions of your friend stay overs, unless I wasn't feeling well. I welcomed them when they would entertain you. The messes were part of life (as you will find out), where any normal parent would expect clean ups. I'm sorry you felt I would make panacakes in anger, but that was only your assumption...NOT TRUE! If it was true, I wouldn't have made them AT ALL. I question your life's assumptions with me, but also with ANY of us around you, past or present. Communication is the key to what you think when you are feeling or sensing something negative. Get it out in the open. It will help you to grow. Remember...I'm always here for you, and I'll definitely work on helping you & me not make those assumptions. Life is too short and sweetand I cherish our times together. xoxoox Mom :o)

  4. It's out in the open now... I don't think I got any wrong assumptions and all of these things are issues and mistakes we made as kids that would either make or break a Saturday for ourselves. Obviously making a mess, or staying up late means dealing with the consequences. I think you are making assumptions by assuming this blog is a strike against you as a parent...which it's not. It is simply me looking back at memories of fun, or stupid things we did as kids that make me smile. All of your reactions told in the stories, are because WE did something to create it. It doesn't mean you were not allowed to react, or that we didn't deserve it. I didn't mean to offend you.

  5. Haha, this made me laugh as well. Although living in the country there were no sweet bike rides to the McDonalds, just riding up and down the street. But same concept :)

    I definitely loved Doug and Rugrats. I also watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and loved it. We didn't have cable so basically Saturday mornings were the BIG day to see the cartoons for me. And I'm definitely with Colin. I LOVED TGIF. Full House was my favorite, and I'd still watch it if I could.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

  6. I use to watch all of these shows. What ever happened to good cartoons.

    I'm from 20sb by the way.