Monday, February 1, 2010

My Gaga Moment

So I contracted Herpes yesterday…No, not the cold sore/genital kind, but the herpes of craft goods…glitter. You always here people talking about having their Oprah inspired "Aha Moment" but I had an unintended "Gaga Moment". Eric and I spent the majority of the day avoiding packing up all our junk by wandering the mall. Of course we can’t really afford to buy anything but it is fun to pretend right?

Anyways, we ended our day at target to pick up dog food and rushed home to watch the Grammy’s. ( I missed Lady Gaga’s performance..not gunna lie I was a little bummed ). Immediately upon arriving home I do my usual rush to the bathroom to pee because I have been holding it all day and caught a glance of myself in the mirror. Hi me…wait…what the hell is on my face? Double take. Oh my Lord. I was horrified.  There I stood standing in front of the mirror with a massive amount of green glitter flakes ALL OVER my face. I immediately opened the door and called Eric over to the bathroom.

“What?” he asked.

“Eric, how long have I had this glitter on my face?!”

“All day.”

“ALL DAY? Why didn’t you say something!?”

“ I thought you put it there yourself.”

“Put it there myself? Since when did I start applying green crafting glitter to my face?”

“I thought you were trying something new and didn’t want to offend you by saying something.”

“You should of offended me.”

We both started to laugh as I wiped the globs of glitter off my face.
My mind tried to retrace my every step that day. How in the world did I get all this glitter on my face? Where did it come from? Did I get kicked in the face by Lady Gaga?

I am still wondering this morning how all that glitter got on my face,  but I can’t help but laugh at what the people must of thought of my fabulously green glittery face. Perhaps they thought I was an avid Lady Gaga fan showing my support for her on Grammy night…or maybe I just loved glitter. Either way…embarrassing.


  1. Odd how glitter magically appears everywhere! I can't remember how long it's been since something similar happened to me, but my boyfriend was also with me the whole day and he did not say a word! Must be a guy thing.

    In any case, Lady Gaga is SUCH an inspiration to me. I blogged about her two days ago! You can check out the post at if you'd like.

    I'm going to follow you! Take care during future glitter encounters..

  2. Yes, I think it is a guy thing. Maybe they're afraid to tell us something is wrong? Once I also had cleaned my glasses with a kleenex and didn't realize that part of the Kleenex stayed on the nose pads of the glasses. I had Kleenex hanging from my glasses all day and SHE didn't tell either. She said she thought maybe my glasses were broken and the Kleenex was holding them together! NOT! How embarrassing!

  3. Well now that you have made your glittery debut on the mall, what's next? Maybe next time you'll be your fans.

  4. I'm going to have to side with Eric on this one. I tried being honest with my last girlfriend when I didn't think something she was wearing looked good... won't make that mistake again.

  5. maybe it looked good. haha. maybe they left thinking "ahh, green glitter. YES!" you never know.

    i'd have said something, though, just in case you didn't know you had glitter on you. i hope you'd tell me if my fly was down. that will never be a "style" i endorse.

  6. the best part is you never know where the heck the glitter comes from! Ga Ga is making glitter cool though so rock that shit.

  7. Glitter has a weird way of showing up months after you use it. And in places it should never be.