Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No internet?

My internet is down right now…which is pretty much the worst case scenario for me at this time. I have a biography to write for work, and things to get done for school. Awesome, great timing. I suppose this is a lesson in technology dependence…Maybe they figure  no one needs the internet at this hour anyways…but I’m a weirdo with a crazy OCD routine and I’m about to freak out. I have reset every router in the house which includes the one in my parents room…I doubt they were to happy to see me ( or hear me ) walk in there at 4:30 in the a.m. scrambling around to reset it, only to discover that Mission Internet Recovery was a complete failure.

So here I sit, drinking my Go Girl and watching the news. No Blogger, no Facebook, and no glorious internet browsing. Just news about  the rainy weather, and a Car that crashed through a Big 5 Sporting Goods Store in a burglary attempt. Who wouldn’t want to steal cheap sporting goods? Exciting.

On another note, I watched American Idol last night… I know, why would I do such a thing? Well, I got tired of watching the Olympics <---I think I might go to hell for saying that, but when they tell you the outcome of every event on the news before they show it for our viewing pleasure it kind of sucks the fun out of it. I haven’t watched American Idol for 2 years, and it is a little strange seeing Ellen on there, and crazy Paula not there. I am tempted to keep watching it, but shhhh don’t tell. I think the most annoying thing about the show is the contestants sob stories that are presented to us overly dramatic in order to win our votes.  Stories like  “I lived in my car for _____ months.” or “ I couldn’t walk for months after a car accident”, “ I was born to use my gift of music and spread joy for everyone to hear.” “I am doing this for my ____relative that passed away..” So you lived out of your car, you couldn’t use your legs for a few months, or you have a dead relative counting on you, but face it people you are all chasing the same thing. Fame and fortune.

News Flash: My internet is back up!

I will say though that my favorite contestant last night was the girl with the dreadlocks who played the harmonica and the guitar at the same time. Did any of you watch AI? If so, who was your favorite?


  1. Yes I did hear you come in the room, but I knew exactly what the problem was. I was more concerned hearing Chica breathing very heavily during the night. Not a good sign. :(

  2. Oh I watched it for the first time in about 5 years. I only saw a few of the girls though,none of them really impressed me and my snobbish taste.