Thursday, February 11, 2010

On My Own

Yesterday was quite a day. I was expecting it to be a day full of cleaning, but instead it ended up being a day full of training. I got to train clients on my own for the first time yesterday.

Long story short, the Manager/trainer at guiding fitness was double booked and needed me there to train clients…alone. Yes, I was completely terrified, but I somehow pulled through and was able to help her out. It was really stressful but amazing at the same time. I learned more yesterday then I did in any class I have taken so far and figured out that it is nearly impossible to grasp the concept of personal training until you physically do it. I probably sucked and sent clients running for the hills ( or trying ) but I can’t wait to do it again. I think it will get easier each time and I am very grateful, and feel very privileged to be getting the opportunity to  learn this way.

Since I was at the studio until a little after 6:00pm we didn’t end up getting completely moved out yesterday as planned. I ended up grabbing us Subway on the way home from the studio. We ate, discussed how tired we were, and our plans to get it done by Saturday, then headed to Auburn where I made cookies and watched American Idol. Unfortunately my cookies sucked worse than AI…so that’s pretty bad. I tried making them with half the fat the recipe called for and replacing it with mashed banana. It would of worked for me but I know that it was not a cookie that normal people would find tasty. It’s a process of trial and error I suppose. That is what you get for trying to healthify junk food.

Sorry Mom and Dad, I promise they will be better next time!

Anyone have any good Cookie recipes to share?


  1. I've found some great cookie recipes on I pretty much never try to do the healthy cookie thing. Unless you count substituting egg with milled flax seed and water (1 TB milled flax seed with 3 TB water = 1 egg) because I was too lazy to buy eggs. It works (usually).

  2. Didn't know you had put banana in it. They weren't bad like you make it out to be....we needed something sweet to the palate and it did the job. I remember the last batch you made was a recipe you said from Trader Joes, or was it Whole Foods? That was a good recipe. Keep on cooking....we'll be your guinea pigs! =)

  3. I love (and miss) Subway! Sounds like you had a crazy day! hope you got some good sleep!

  4. I like the sound of your day! And I bet those cookies weren't bad at all! I would have eaten them, haha.