Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pho Sure

I finally got to cook yesterday. It was for my nutrition/cooking class at school so it was not as relaxing as it would of been at home, but I still enjoyed it and it was a success!

This week we are covering soups and one of the soups we made yesterday was a Vietnamese soup called Pho. I made the vegetarian version for the class. This is kind of what it looked like.



Not only did I get through the recipe without brain farting and doing something to drastically alter it, but the teacher said it had more flavor than the non-vegetarian and that she liked it better.  She  came up to me and said I did a great job so I mentally patted myself on the back, go me.

I love cooking, and have found that is kind of like an artistic outlet for me. I have blogged about my creative constipation  in the past but maybe I am not so creatively constipated after all, and have just been using my creativity in another form. One of the benefits of cooking is that you get to share your creation using every sense. Not only do you appeal to the sense of  sight, but also with  smell, taste, touch, and hearing ( you know that sizzling sound ).  Although, sometimes people probably wish that I didn’t share all these senses with them. ( This can be the downside of my newfound art form ). Another great thing about the art of cooking is the nourishment that you can provide for your observers and cooking healthy meals is especially important to me. This brings me to my next thought:

Being that I am so passionate about nutrition it has been my goal for quite sometime now to become a nutritionist. But now, after giving someone at Guiding Fitness a little nutritional advice I realize that the best way to reach people is not by telling them what to eat, but to teach them how to eat. By teaching them what to eat  I mean physically being there with them and teaching them how to cook, shop, and use the foods God gave us on this earth that don’t involve a plastic wrapper.

After observing my teacher in my cooking class, and hearing her story I have realized that she has helped so many more people by just teaching them how to cook. It is a more personal, and enjoyable process that you do not get to experience as a nutritionist or dietician. How effective is it to teach someone about food in an office?  ( Culinary school here I come? )

So here is my new goal: I want to get down to the nitty gritty and teach people how to exercise and how to eat in the most effective way possible; being there in person, face to face, hands on, and not in an office handing out reading material and slips of paper.

I am beginning to think I should of posted this to my nutrition blog, but this is not really an informative post about nutrition, and more like an all over the place blurb of an “Aha” moment. (Sorry!) Most importantly I would like your thoughts on the matter. If you were looking to change your exercise habits, or dietary habits, what do you think would help you the most?


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  2. I used to think being like Ophra would be great because she has all the $$ in the world and can hire a personal chef/trainer, but look at her...that hasn't worked for her either as far as lifestyle changes. People use eating out for so much of their social world, it's so nice to know eat this....not that. Also, it doesn't hurt to ask for things to be made the way you like/need, most restaurants will oblige you. If you have the knowledge ingrained in you, your choices will be that much easier. Another way of looking at this seriously is, "Do this, eat that, or die." That's always a good wake up call. =)

  3. I think going to culinary school would be fun and also give you a real edge on food preparation and what food helps promote fitness. That in concert with your personal training experience would give you some real flexibility for work that is fun.

  4. I like this goal of yours! Teaching people how to cook in a healthy way is so important! YES!

  5. i would... eat less, but more often. mmmm.

  6. Cindy- Oprah has a lot of resources, but she is a good example of the fact that no matter what your resources are you are ultimately the one in charge of your health.

    Paul- Cooking and fitness...would be such a great tool to have. I wish to one day fulfill those culinary dreams :)

    Margaret- Thanks! Yes it is so very important!

    TheBigShowAtUD- hehe good idea acutally :)

  7. This is a great goal!

    And I LOVE pho. I had vegetarian pho for dinner last night. I could eat it every day.

  8. I would like some of that soup now please.