Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sizzlin Valentines Day

Last week was a little bit on the crazy side trying to get all of our junk out of the house, and getting it cleaned up, but as of Sunday evening we were officially done. This was the greatest Valentines gift I could of ever received, but the second best was dinner at Sizzler. If you think I am kidding…well I’m not. We didn’t get done with the house until late and ended up going there out of near starvation and desperation, but luckily I love Sizzler and all the senior citizens  that I got to dine with. ( they were out way past their bedtime I might add…and so was I ) Sizzler is a vegetarians dream with its endless salad bar options it was a great V-day dinner indeed. Not only did I get to fine dine at Sizzler my husband also surprised me with two dozen red roses in the morning after I got back from my run. I was definitely surprised and it was very sweet of him. It surprised me even more when I realized he made the bed, now that my friends is straight from the heart.

The strangest part of this week has been the complete flashback I am having by living back at home with my parents. It is so weird running on my old running route, seeing my old friend Mr. Jack rabbit, observing the scenery I once took for granted, and the smell of breakfast coming from the old folks home. The mere scent of  maple syrup pancake goodness and egg breakfasts gives me enough fuel to keep on running every morning. The scent of bacon on Saturdays tells me weekends are special.

It is only Tuesday but I can’t wait until the weekend. If all goes well so far I have Saturday completely free. Maybe a trip to the farmer’s market? A chance to cook dinner? The possibilities are endless! ( well kind of ) I am itching to cook another dinner but that depends on my families willingness to submit their taste buds for an evening.

How was everyone’s Valentines Day?


  1. Sounds great! Oops...don't forget (like your dad) that you have a hair appt. on Sat. at 9:40. =)

  2. I love Sizzler. I haven't been in forever! I'm kind of craving it now:)

    I love that your husband made the bed. Thats a wonderful gift. Seriously. If I could get my husband to do that... Haha! I'm glad you enjoyed your Valentines day!

  3. mine was lovely, super relaxxxxeeed and boozy.

  4. Mine was great too! Cindy bought me some great new pastel books to read and study. It is nice to have you around Amber!