Sunday, February 14, 2010

Search and Rescue

Happy Valentines Day everyone! The day has hardly started and it has already gotten off to a rocky start. Last night before I fell asleep while watching the Olympics I asked Eric if he could put the remote on the nightstand before he went to bed so that I would be able to find it in the morning for easy access in my early morning breakfast eating, TV watching routine. Well, morning came and not only was the TV still on loudly blaring Apollo Uno’s name over and over, there was also no remote by his bedside. I looked everywhere until I had no choice but to go fishing for it in the sea of blankets. Still no luck, I had no choice to but to go deep sea diving into the blankets. I caught something but It was not what I was looking for and am a firm believer in catch and release.  ( I know your dirty mind was thinking somewhere along these lines so I thought I would get the dirty joke out of the way ha, ha...ok now wash away those thoughts ).   He mumbled a few unrecognizable words before he began digging for the remote flinging the blankets around in a drunken like rage while he said over and over “ I didn’t even change the channel it was right here. It was right here, it was right here.”  After deciding that it had in fact magically disappeared or grew legs and walked off  in some sort of Darwinian fashion,  I called off the search and rescue effort and took my cereal to the living room. Here, I easily found the remote for my TV viewing pleasure, and a nice cushy couch to sit my bum on. All was good.

Now that I got to eat my cereal and enjoy some TV I am ready to start my day…well kind of. We are still in the process of moving out. We are pretty much done but still have a few things left to finish up…lets just say we weren’t allowed to have pets and we had two big white dogs with an unlimited amount of energy and hair to shed. Smart? No, not really but I think we figured that out already.  So it looks as if we will be spending our Valentines Day scrubbing, mopping, raking, mowing, punching, sweating, and swearing. Every woman’s dream right? So for those of you who are single don’t worry, Valentines Day can still suck when you are married.

But if I am lucky, Eric will get me this for Valentines Day…



  1. that a remote control breathalyser? I think it would work better with a computer than a TV.

    Have a happy Valentine's Day anywhoo.

  2. Gee, you only have two weeks to look for the remote and Eric will be off on training. About the time the Olympics are over, his will start. Then you won't need a remote finder because your husband will be in remote Kansas.