Thursday, February 25, 2010

Roller Coaster Day

I have absolutely no thoughts left in my brain…well at least none that I want to blog about, or think about at the moment. Yesterday was such a rollercoaster. Not the fun kind of roller coaster but the I shouldn’t of had that corn dog if I knew I was going to taste it twice kind of coaster…

Today ended up being okay, but I spent my usual blogging time finishing up an English paper that I completely B.S.’d on…and to top it off she ended up reading it out loud in class…anonymously of course, until she said my name. That was awkward, thanks teach. I will never procrastinate again, I will never procrastinate again…I will stop procrastinating tomorrow.

Oh and the day is young because I have a last minute meeting to attend at 7:30 in Lincoln. Least I have a little time to relax..but a little more is always better. Now for some blog reading!

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  1. Full of BS eh? Didn't get to see you much either. :(