Saturday, February 20, 2010

One Week to Five Months

I feel like I am in need of a vacation. Not an itinerary laden vacation, but one of those vacations where you go on to get away from schedules, just to relax and let whatever happens, happen.  Eric and I were planning on a little weekend trip before he left for training but unfortunately it took us longer to move out of our house than we thought and time flew by. ( as well as our money )  Now he only has a week left until he leaves, and school and family commitments will prevent us from a goodbye trip. I can’t believe he will be gone for five months.

The day he has to leave is now only a week away and it is becoming more and more real to me. He likes to say “it’s only 5 months”, but 5 months is nearly half a year. A lot of things happen in 5 months and according to Google 5 months = 152.184249 days. A lot of things go on in 152 days. The average heart will beat 15759360 times in 5 months, and we take about 3040000 breaths. That is 3040000 breaths that will go uninterrupted by a kiss, laughter, conversation, or the burning sensation his scent brings to my nostrils when he forgets his deodorant. I’m going to miss him…and it will be 5 months until we get to take awesome pictures like these together…Christmas card worthy?








  1. 5 months really is a long time. But I think if you keep yourself busy (which you already do), it'll fly by!

    I hope you enjoy and cherish these last days together! I know you will:)

  2. I'm sorry sister, that's really tough. I wish I could make time go by quicker for you. I love you so much. I'll try my best to at least make you laugh over the next few months, i wish I could be there w/ you though. :(

  3. Yeah...I wish Colin was here with you too! It will go by really fast. You're already busy now before Eric leaves to even spend more time with him, you'll be even more consumed when he leaves. Just remember you're at least home instead of some far away place by yourself, for that be thankful as we are! xoxoxo

  4. At least you have all of us fellow bloggers, right? :) "or the burning sensation his scent brings to my nostrils when he forgets his deodorant" I know this scent all too well. At least we know it's true love when we even love their stink.

  5. Well, to fill your achy, breaky heart, you will have to write funny letters to Eric to keep him cheered up. Basic is tough and lonely and he will love the letters. We'll try to keep you laughing.