Wednesday, August 4, 2010


As the days continue to go by without hearing from my husband I am finding it harder and harder to think that he has a good reason. I am hoping he has a good reason for not calling me...he better. I found it kind of strange that I almost have this feeling of abandonment. I know, abandonment is a bit dramatic but I can't think of any other way to describe it. Last time I heard from him he was having a really good time. So of course, me being the insecure person I feeling a bit forgotten. Perhaps it would help if I was actually staying busy, but I have no life really. The only things that can distract me from thinking about all this is cooking, baking bread, or fulfilling some sort of challenge.

I feel sort of lost right now. Normally around this time of year I would be getting ready for classes to start and look forward to completing tasks and seeing a finish line in the future. But now, there are no classes to get ready for and the only challenge/task I have these days is to blog and vlog everyday-- which blogging obviously doesn't distract me from much ( quite the opposite actually ). Vlogging has been a bit of a life saver for the moment because it's a challenge. It is a challenge for me in being out of my comfort zone, and also a challenge that involves doing it everyday for a I see a finish line.

I guess what I have discovered is that I am normally not the greatest at completing things, but when it comes to challenges.. I love it. I love a challenge. SO in order to distract me while I wait here for my husband to call me, or until I can get to Germany I am going to need some more challenges. I am not completely sure what those challenges are some challenge ideas I have thought of...some are dumb but would still be fun :)

1. Cook 1 recipe from each of my moms cookbooks
2. No driving for a month. ( I can ride with someone but otherwise would have to use my bike for transportation ).
3. Bake a different type of bread everyday (as I learn from my new bread book )
4. Follow the TRX workout plan exactly

Yea thats about all i've got for now.

Do you have any challenges for me?

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  1. Good idea to have a plan to keep yourself busy! Don't let those awful thoughts take over...He loves you and is just busy!

    BY the way....Bread=YUM! Post Recipes of the ones you try!