Monday, August 9, 2010

The Changes

Yesterday I blogged about upcoming changes. I guess I could of just told you yesterday what these "changes" were but I guess I was still playing with the option of backing out and hoping you wouldn't notice. Well I have come to the conclusion that I need accountability or there is no way this is going to work.

So what are these changes? Well after years of intestinal issues and lately waking up feeling like I have allergies with a stuffy/runny nose, and chest congestion. I have also been watching my running pace start to slow and it is super frustrating. 

So I have been doing a little research and have decided to make some dietary and lifestyle changes. Now what exactly are these changes? You may ask. Well, the other day I came across a website called My Crazy Sexy Life where I found some information on a little something called PH--and a PH diet. I encourage you to watch this short video so you can know what I am talking about and also so I don't have to write a book...( you better watch it or you will be lost for the rest of the post...just a warning ). 

Kind of interesting right? I thought so too, so I bought The Ultimate PH Solution and am currently reading it.  I am still looking at it with a bit of skepticism because it goes against some things that I have been taught in my many nutrition classes over the years. It also goes against a lot of what modern medicine would have you believe. How could it really be so simple? Well, I am not so sure it is, but let me remind you that Kris Karr was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 6 years ago. It was in her liver, and her lungs and since changing her diet and lifestyle habits, her cancer has been stable and without any growth. <--this fact is the only thing that made me willing to give this PH theory a bit more thought. 
I plan to approach this diet still as a skeptic, but when modern medicine fails you, what else do you have to lose? 

So here is where my change comes in...I have decided that I am not going to make any quick drastic changes because then I would most definitely be setting myself up for failure. I am not going to drink green veggie juice for breakfast, stop cooking my veggies, Eat a raw vegan diet, or give up on slutty lady Starbucks...but there is one slut that I am going to say goodbye to and that is Go Girl. Yes, I know SHOCKER ( insert gasp here ). I think giving up Go Girls is my first and most drastic step. I know coffee is an acidic food and not part of the PH diet, but I see it as the lesser of the two I consider it a step in the right direction--for me at least. If you know me personally, you know just how drastic this step is. 

So the rest of what I am changing besides cutting out the slut in my life, will be more subtle. I already follow much of the PH diet by being a vegetarian. I don't eat a lot of processed foods, I don't eat meat, so I am just going to continue focusing on eating whole unprocessed food. I don't want to make it complicated, because I don't believe in making eating a complicated thing. Moderation and variety people! 

So you may be wondering when these changes will be taking affect, and I have chosen Friday August 13th. Why such an odd day? Well because after Thursday I have nothing going on and I will have the whole weekend to go through Go Girl withdrawals. ( sad I know ).  Also, I would like to finish up the book I am reading on PH balance, and would like to have a better meal/caffeine plan in place before I jump into failure. Oh and I have to procrastinate or I else I would just be lost. 

I have equipped myself with some PH testing strips to test my body's PH level and I am thinking about vlogging this whole experience. What do you think?


  1. Oh I know how hard the Go Girl is going to be for you to give up! You'll feel like death for 2 weeks. But it's totally worth it. The "slutty" starbucks lady still tries to entice me with her mermaid spell, but I'm the winner!

  2. Good luck on giving up with Go Girl drink! I've been trying to give up soda for the longest time, but that withdrawal is so hard to get over!

  3. I'm proud of you Amber....not only about the "Go Girl" thing, but your statement, "Moderation & variety people". Love it, love you! :o)

  4. "I am not going to drink green veggie juice for breakfast, stop cooking my veggies, Eat a raw vegan diet, or give up on slutty lady Starbucks...but there is one slut that I am going to say goodbye to and that is Go Girl. "

    Wow, possibly my favorite sentence ever! Yeah, I tried giving up coffee many times, but decided it's just going to be my vice : ) We all need a couple. I look forward to seeing if you notice any positive changes by monitoring pH. The digestive improvements i got from going veg have been worth any 'sacrifice' from it.