Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tonights Menu

There is no way I got enough sleep last night, but oh what I am willing to do in order to get to the Farmer's Market. It's cooking day yay! Well, I cook other days too but it is my day to cook from the Placer County Real Food Cookbook. Saturday's are always my favorite day of the week and I am watching the Food Network to get me pumped up for tonights meal. So what is on the Menu?

Tonights Menu:

Edamame with Sea Salt
Slow Roasted 'Pork' Roast with Peppers ( I am probably going to use either tofu or a perhaps the other eggplant I have sitting in the fridge)
Mixed greens with fresh figs and walnuts with thyme honey vinaigrette
Fresh pink-eyed peas with 'Italian Sausage' (obviously I won't be using real sausage ) and Tomatoes

Happy Saturday!

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