Monday, August 2, 2010

Me? Vlog?

I can't believe it is already August. I think time speeds up once you hit your 20's because it seems to go by a lot faster than it did when I was younger. The days couldn't go by fast enough when I was in middle school and high school. I do see these fast forwarded days as being an advantage at this point in my life though because I would like it to seem that I get to join my husband in Germany at light speed.

So it's official, I am now a vlogger. ( Video blogger ). Yea I know, me? Video blog? Well believe it or not I shot my first vlog yesterday and let me tell you... I still feel minorly retarded. It is really weird talking to a camera and then posting it knowing people are going to see your face, hear your voice, and possibly listen to what you have to say. I guess my only saving grace is that I wasn't having to carry on a conversation and think of things to respond to without having time to think about it first. There is nothing more I suck at than carrying on a conversation. (Unless I know you ).

So today is VEDA day #2 and I will be shooting my second vlog. I will admit that it's quite a rush and it is kind of cool to be able to connect with people that way. I don't usually like connecting with people but I think vlogging still leaves me with just enough hiding space so that I am still capable of not completely freaking out. Maybe this whole experience will help me with my social retardation. I guess we will find out.

Well, that is enough blogging for today but if I were you I would come back tomorrow because I think I will be posting a blog that is long overdue.

Happy Monday!

OH, and it's Meatless Monday so sway away from cows and eat your veggies ;)

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