Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Self Image

As you may know, I decided to participate in this little thing called VEDA ( vlog everyday in August ). I did it on a whim, I am not really sure what made me think...Hey this is something you should do, because as you know, I am not exactly miss outgoing. Well everyday there is a different suggested topic you can talk about and yesterday's topic was Self Image. I watched people pour their hearts out on YouTube and discovered that a lot of people share the same self image issues that I do. Of course being the procrastinator I am In order to avoid feeling vulnerable and expressing my thoughts on my self image I waited as long as I could to post my video...and this is what I came up with.

Well, seeing as this video is about me wishing I could talk, I realize that there is so much more I could of said. I also realize how much I still hold back on my blog as well. There is a wall that I have up and I want to take it down, but I don't feel ready to do so yet.

I am so different in my head...I have said it multiple times that I feel trapped in my head.

There is so much more I could blog about right now but it is almost time for this grandma to go to bed. Speaking of which I am about to go down to southern CA to see my grandparents possibly for the last time in four years...or sadly enough...them being grandparents and all it could possibly be the last time I will ever see them. Four years is a long time.

I want write more on the subject of self image, but that is part of that wall I still have up and it is stressing me out thinking about it. I will try agains someday.

Well happy Wednesday everyone. I hope I won't have to be blogging from my phone all weekend.

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  1. You're gonna be in So Cal? When and where and let's hang out! :-)