Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pastel Hopeful

I finally heard from Eric yesterday. It was good to finally know what in the world was going on! Well, not much apparently but he is supposed to get internet I am hoping that happens and I can talk to him more often.

On another note, I am headed off to a pastel class with my Dad today. I feel a bit behind considering he has been going to these classes for a year now and is Mr. Professional artist...and um quite frankly I am afraid of sucking. I hate sucking at things. I know..some things are just meant to suck at, but yea I hate it. I just did a vlog about things I am bad at, I have a feeling I am about to have something to add to the list.

Wish me luck?


  1. Now, it wasn't that bad right? I think you did quite well! I would have sucked.

  2. Well what happened to looking on the bright side? You didn't suck, you did very well and I was pleased to see you leave the class with a finished picture that looked great.