Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ridding The Internet Stigma

It's the last day in August. Yep. August 31...which means that it is the last day of VEDA. I have posted my last VEDA video and whether vlogging stays in my life is still to be determined. I enjoyed VEDA because it helped me connect with other's, and it was a fun way of communicating...but I don't know if it would be the same without having that sense of communication. I got to meet some awesome people, it really was a great experience. An experience that my real life non-veda friends definitely don't get.

It is funny how strange your real friends look at you when you tell them you met up with people from the internet. First they think "wow that's not safe, they could of been fat hairy rapists." When you assure them otherwise they then think. "Wow you are so socially retarded that you had to meet friends on the internet". Well, yes. They got that one right. I did meet my husband that way..but they quickly forget that. Maybe my  purpose on this earth is to get rid of the stigma that meeting people on the internet is for loners and creepers.

Anyways, now that VEDA is over I need a new project. My blogging might improve...but no promises.

Since I have been blogging at night lately I have discovered that I have a lot of random thoughts pop into my head that don't really go anywhere. Thoughts such as:

Old people are good at telling stories because they are really bad listeners.

Sometimes I tweet in public bathrooms because I can't pee if I don't.

I just ate a lifetime supply of tortilla chips.

I like holding babies, even though I feel awkward.

I wish I was a good writer.

I wish I could just be myself all the time.

There is a lot more on my mind than I usually portray.

Well I am done for now.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. How funny! When I got to the part about you liking to hold babies I teared up. Hormones! Good post and yes, the elderly have great stories. Side note, sometimes I pee while were talking on the phone. lol, j/k.... or am I?