Thursday, August 19, 2010

blackberry or bust

It's nearing the end of August and I feel like there is something missing...( besides my husband ). So what's missing? School. It is weird to not be waiting in anticipation for the fall semester to start. I am tempted to try and sign up for any sort of online class that I can just so that my brain doesn't turn to mush while I wait over here in the States..but so far most of them are closed.

I told myself that the next school I would be attending would be culinary school...which I still would like to do, but I wasn't expecting to be moving out of the country. So the question what? I am looking into a few online schools but am wondering if I should just wait till I get to Germany. I think my brain might turn into mush by then though.

Well I think I will end this blog here. I am typing this on my blackberry as we go through the grapevine on our way down to so-cal. There are a few fellow bloggers/vloggers that are local down there and want to meet up on Sunday. Pretty sure that would be amazing but I am traveling with my parents so I am at their will. Oh to be 12 again. Ugh. I really want to meet them.

It will be quite an adventure getting up my daily vlog and blog this weekend. My grandparents don't habe internet so I have to make my way to starbucks or something to upload. Can I pull it off? We shall see.


  1. Maybe you could hitch a ride with Ashley or Nico? I'm not sure exactly where Nico lives in the LA area, but I think that Ashley lives not terribly far from where you'll be. We have to make it work! :-)

  2. I hate blogging from my blackberry! You did such a great job. Have fun!