Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Be

It's time for another thumb numbing, fun sucking blackberry blog. The crappy part is that I have actually been writing blogs but have failed to have time to finish them or have the internet to upload them. I have still been able to get a veda video up everyday though.

So it looks like the blogger meetup scheduled for tomorrow is pretty much official. I am overwhelmed with excitement but at the same time I am afraid to freeze up like a deer in the headlights upon meeting them. They have probably already heard me talk about how awkward I am when I meet new people but you know...if I could pick one time in my life not to be the quiet awkward person in the group then this would be it. I guess we will see what happens...but I really am excited. This is a whole new step for me. I'm really not an outgoing adventurous person but lately I have just felt this hunger to actually live life, relax, travel, and just be. Just be.

Well this old lady better get to bed and honestly I think my thumbs are going to fall off. Hope everyone had a good Saturday!

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