Friday, August 27, 2010

I Held a Baby

I held a baby today. Which probably adds up to be the third time in my entire life. My friend Ashley came over today for lunch and brought little Joseph Jr. with her. He is four weeks old so if she didn't bring him with her I might be a bit worried. He's such a good lil guy. Barely cry's, and Ashley never let's him out of her sight. Except to go to the bathroom that is…so in my arms, and out of her sight he went. 

So there I was, holding little Joe awkwardly in my arms. I was terrified and if you know me, babies and I go together about as good as pickles and peanut butter. But he greeted me with a fart and I knew we would get along just fine. I looked down at him sleeping so peacefully and content. Normally I don't know what to do with babies, or small children. I don't know whether to pet them, throw them a toy to fetch, or just make sure they don't hit their head on anything that has four corners. However, this time was different. I never knew that watching someone sleep could bring so much joy. As strange as it may sound, he had that baby smell to him. It's kind of like a new car smell…only it was the new baby smell. I remember when I was working at Good Earth no matter what we were in the middle of, if someone had a baby near by my boss would always stop and sniff the baby's head and say "ahhhh baby head! Babies heads smell so good!" Of course, I thought she was nuts…but turns out she was right. Babies do smell good, which considering the amount of poop they produce is quite surprising. 

So this baby holding led me to an "AHA" moment. It assured me that I can in fact hold a baby, enjoy it, and perhaps even be a good mom myself someday. That would be neat. For now, I can practice on little Joe Jr. Now to hold him while he is awake.

Ashley was also kind enough to join me in my vlog today, oh and little Joseph too. Here it is if you would like to watch.


  1. Pickles and peanut butter! That sounds dreadful. :] The Destroyer doesn't hold children that are less than 5 months old, so I'm going to have my hands full when we decide to have kids. In fact, I'm pretty sure he doesn't like babies at all.

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  3. The answer is "Juno"! Next time hold the baby so we can see you holding him. :o)

  4. Yep babies are cute, cuddly, and you don't have to chase around after them. Glad you enjoyed him and had a fun day.

  5. Babies do smell a new car lol