Friday, August 13, 2010

Epic Fail

I don't really have anything to blog about today. I am an epic failure at my Go Girl quitting goal..but then again I guess I failed that yesterday. Don't judge me. I will continue to work on it, and then be forced to give up my precious pink can when I fly to Germany. 

On another note...<--um excuse me blogger but why do you keep changing my font? This is weird. 
It won't change back...and it is getting larger. Perhaps it is reminding me what an epic failure I am. 

Ahh, there we go. I think I have learned my lesson when it comes to publicly making goals that you are not ready to fulfill. It just makes you feel 100 times worse when you don't reach them. 

I would also like you to know that on August 15th it will be this special lady's birthday...

This is julia child in case you were wondering. She is no longer alive but I have been in her kitchen and the least I could do is wish her a happy birthday. She had such a huge impact in the culinary world. So in her honor and in my attempt to do something with my life, I am going to see if I can work up the courage to enter some cooking contests. More specifically the ones on I cook enough, I should be able to at least enter a freaking contest right? 

I am afraid of failure though...obviously I know the chances of me winning anything or slim to none but I am already a failure for not trying. 

Do you know of any other cooking contests you think I should enter?

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Is it SO SAD that I knew exactly who that was before I read? I am totally obsessed with Julia! I own that movie and watch it ALL the time, and almost every book about her. I have read through the entire "Julie/Julia Project" blog...and will probably read it again soon! YAY!

    Giiiiiirl, don't you dare be afraid of failure! Celebrate your failures and move on to your success!

  2. Hey, you have enjoyed that pink can for a long time. It's like an old friend. Just cut back gradually. If I had to quit coffee in one day I would be a colossal failure too. Lighten up on yourself, remember, one day at a time. Love ya - Dad