Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Phone Calls

So I know today I said I was going to blog something that was long overdue. Well, I am experiencing that overwhelmed feeling and I can't think straight. It is a blog that requires a lot of thinking. I can think it out clearly in my head but it requires even more thinking of how to put it out there and express myself correctly. It is nothing huge.. I hate that I am building it up to be some sort of life changing "aha moment" or something because it is totally not.

Thinking about it..now that I have the whole vlog thing going on I might end up talking about it through video..not really sure yet though.

I think a lot of this overwhelmed feeling has to do with the fact that I have a lot of things on my mind as of this moment. I am feeling overwhelmed by a lot of different things. ( I am easily overwhelmed in case you didn't know ). I am even overwhelmed at how many times I just typed the word overwhelmed.

So what is on my mind right now-- I am wondering why my husband hasn't called me or made any contact with me for 3 days now..that is probably my #1 worry. Other worries: getting things done so that I can get to Germany, and being nervous about moving there. But really...mostly just that I haven't heard from my husband...I am pretty sure there are phones in Germany and you don't have to speak German to use them. He is on an rather large American army base too so I know they have internet...I am growing increasingly frustrated thinking about it so I will leave it at that.

Happy Tuesday?

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