Thursday, August 26, 2010


On an after dinner spare of the moment gluten free market trip ( yea I am thinking about giving it another go ). I suddenly had flashes of highschool memories flood my head. This time of year we would be counting down our last days of summer awaiting to start yet another year of "college prep" classes taught by teachers paid in nachos. Cheese not included.

Life is a lot different now. I still live in the same place…which is a bit unexpected and I have a legitimate reason, but my whole group of friends ( by group I mean 3 people ) have moved onto different aspects of their lives. It is weird how friendships just start to fade. There is no specific reason, or argument, but somehow you just seem to lose touch. How does that happen? How do we let it? Two of the three friends I still keep in touch with are married now (  I am too in case you missed that part ) and just had their first babies within weeks of each other. Weird right? Okay so I feel a little left out, but I will get there someday. Hopefully?

As you may know, or assume, having a baby is rather time consuming. I no longer get to see these friends very often and I am beginning to wonder if these friendships will also begin to fade. I miss having close friends. Friends you share everything with, always make time for, or have designated movie and cookie nights with. Yep those movie and cookie nights were real and they were fabulous. I miss those days.

You could probably guess that I am feeling a little lonely at the moment. I don't usually feel the sting of faded friendships so harshly, but my husband is gone and he is my best friend as well. I know, cry me a river, but I really miss him and the worst part is that there is nothing for me to do but sit and wait. I need a distraction. Any suggestions?


  1. Come live over her with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-- Excessive exclamation was necessary to communicate my abounding emphatic excitement and sincerity.

  2. Aw, I know the "sting" that you're talking about. It's not that anyone is to blame, but just that it's a sort of mourning when you realize how things have changed.

    It's happened to me a lot because of moving around the country but also life changes, like you mentioned of marriage and children.

    Have you tried organizing activities to get some of those friends (or acquaintances) who live nearby together? I find that people really do want to hang out, they just don't take the the initiative to organize something. Next month I'm hosting a "girls craft night" that everyone was super excited about!

  3. Hmmmmm... how about a painting jaunt? Creativity fuels the mind and feeds the soul.

  4. Just because friends of old become distant, doesn't mean the friendship is over. Life happens. A dear college of buddy of mine reminds me that even though we only talk once every 3-6 months, it's as if no time has passed. Yes, we both wish we could keep in touch more, but life happens.

    I'm alone most nights. Yes, I wish I have a companion, a partner in crime, but I know that there are others who are alone with me right now. I smile and then ask myself, I wonder how I can keep them company.